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A new type of relationship is arising between brands and their consumers. Enjoying an increasingly central position, clients engage in exchanges with their favourite brands that are both digital and multichannel. The challenge for brands today is to move beyond the client acquisition and loyalty enhancement stages in order to achieve a fully integrated relationship with their clients


Raphaël Enthoven

Philosopher and author  
Commentator on Europe 1



Vincent DRUGUET 


Wunderman, France


Founder of ‘Institut de la Qualité de l’Expression’; author of ‘Le langage, l’entreprise et le digital’.


Jeanne Bordeau, language designer, is the founder of an agency dedicated to style in language – the Institute for Quality of Expression – that accompanies the cultural, commercial and semantic development of companies and institutions.

Centre for research, creation and production, the ‘Institut de la qualité de l’expression’ is a strategic planner, language designer, storyteller and pedagogical engineer. Air France, EDF, Nutella, Renault, Michelin, SNCF, Pernod Ricard, Piaget and are among its clients.

Responsible for 25 methods registered with French INPI (Barometer measuring the quality of writing, semantic charter, style charter, verbal design …), Jeanne Bordeau is a Lecturer and teaches at Holden School, Sorbonne and ESG.

Decipherer of trends, she manages an R&D hub that reviews developments in economic languages: 10 books, 18 researches and trends. Editorialist, she contributes to 5 magazines on topics such as enterprise, words and concepts associated with digital transformation. In 2016, she became a ‘writing star’ for LinkedIn. As an artist, she also exhibits paintings that express the language of our era.

Her contributions in the Harvard Business Review :

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